Work with me

The goal of our work together

Our work together is about getting you to the point where your thoughts no longer have the power to trigger you into negative patterns. You’ll learn how to relax into your emotions rather than run from them or numb them – in fact you’ll discover how to turn your feelings into indispensable guides directing you towards a life that’s fully you.

What the work actually entails

We piece together your unconscious relationship blueprint, which is actually the key to changing the behaviors that aren’t serving you. We’ll access your childhood, but only long enough to get what’s important.

Based on your unconscious programming we’ll create transformational daily practices that change the way you relate to the thoughts in your head and the feelings in your body – which in turn change the way you act.

What you’ll notice changing

Numbness or emotional overwhelm will give way to a sense of aliveness and joy. On your off days (yes, you’ll still have a few) you’ll master the art of voicing your feelings in a way that gets you heard and gets you the support you’re longing for.

You’ll discover why you’re repeatedly attracting similar people into your life and the steps to changing painful dynamics into profoundly healing dialogues that deepen your relationships.

Sabrina is a truly masterful therapist. She has that particularly rare gift, the combination of an acute intelligence and a compassionate heart.

Tim Laurence,

Approach and Qualifications

I’m a psychotherapist, specialized in anxiety, depression, disordered eating and relationship issues, licensed in the United Kingdom (MBACP Accred 684460) and California (License MFC 46963). I have degrees from Oxford University and CIIS and have been working in private practice for over a decade.

If you’re looking for the official terminology I’m “psychodynamically trained, integrating cognitive, mindfulness-based and somatic modalities and experienced in EMDR and Imago Relationship Therapy”. I like to think of the work I do as a form of mindfulness training that addresses the unconscious programming you received in your early years.


one-on-one therapy sessions

My practice is currently full and I'm not accepting new clients. If you'd like to be put on a waiting list please email me directly via the contact page.

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Each session is 55 minutes and occurs on phone or Skype.
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Initial Consultation (90 minutes)
Total: $350

Therapy Session (60 minutes)
Total: $235

Therapy Session (120 minutes)
Total: $470

all prices are listed in US dollars

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transform your eating

An 8 week online course so you can
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Thank you for your patience, your intuition, your care and your wisdom. You are truly a gem and I feel so lucky to have had you as my therapist. It was worth every penny and then some!

Samantha. M,