Mid or Post Binge – Now What?

So you’ve fallen off the wagon and you’ve “done it again” – whether that means you’ve raided the fridge, the liquor cabinet or the deep stores of anger that live inside of you. Now what?

We put so much emphasis on trying not to binge, that as soon as we cross a certain line, we tend to assume we’ve failed and just go on autopilot. We check out, stop tracking what’s happening in our minds and bodies, and assume it’s all lost until we begin again with a fresh slate on Monday morning. We therefore miss a real opportunity.

Staying present during a binge can actually be the key to ending compulsive behaviours. Moments where it’s all gone “wrong” or “off-track” don’t need to judged as mistakes. If we learn to make use of them, we may find they contain just the information we need to access greater ease and freedom.

Watch this video on the 4 most common mistakes people make during or after a binge and how to avoid them:

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