New Website (and the art of doing things that are new to you)

Diving board


When you’ve studied to become a psychotherapist and they’ve told you you’re ready there comes that moment when you have to walk into a room and meet your very first client. Thankfully, for everyone involved, the client doesn’t know that you’ve never actually done this before and that you’re possibly feeling more nervous than they are.

I remember doing my very first session over …

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The 2 Best Relationship Videos


This video could save you thousands of dollars in marriage counseling bills.  With nearly 8.5 million views on YouTube it’s a must-watch and very entertaining.  It’s a playful way of reminding us that women typically feel better when their feelings are heard versus when they’re presented with a list of solutions by men trying to fix things.

It was John Gray’s “Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus” book that …

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Mindful Eating Only Works If You Know This


Over a decade ago I had a phenomenal supervisor who was also a professor.  He used to chuckle as he saw the new ultra eager wannabe therapists shuffle into class at grad school.  He’d feel a bit sorry for them and the road which lay ahead.  They were typically sweet, and this being California, somewhat alternative creatures hoping to heal the world one therapy session at a time using love, support, …

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Recently I came across Tina Fey’s 2008 Emmy Award acceptance speech.  She said,

“I want to thank my parents for somehow raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities”.

It caught my attention because right there is parenting at its best.  It can build a type of self-esteem or confidence that isn’t linked to external performance or external attributes.

Now …

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Certain childhood wounds = certain relationship patterns


The ways in which you didn’t get what you needed as a kid, and the age at which that happened, don’t just predict your future relationship dynamics, they also determine who you’ll end up marrying!

Childhood wounds result in relationship patterns which predetermine who we’ll choose as a mate. According to Imago Therapy, your partner will have the same childhood wound as you but the …

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The seeds of overwhelm typically begin with long to-do lists and filling up each moment in a scramble to get things done. At the beginning of the cycle all the activity can seem productive, but sooner rather than later, the anxiety-laced sense that everything is urgent, that everything needs to get done by today, causes a …

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